dee-dee ® Children’s Toothpaste

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General description :
dee-dee Children’s Toothpaste is specially made for children, with fruity scents such as: Grape, Orange, and Strawberry which loved by children.

Product Benefits :
Toothpaste with fruity scents which loved by children, with double action in a clear gel (silica) and white strips (calcium).

Usage :
Squeeze from the tube into toothbrush and brush your teeth like normal, repeat if necessary.


Q: What are the range of age of the users?
A: The users are children from 4-10 years old.

Q: What are the content of dee-dee children’s toothpaste ?
A: dee-dee Children’s Toothpaste contains silica and calcium for whiten and strengthen teeth, it also contains flouride to prevent cavities.

Q: How many variants and size ?
A: There are 3 variants, Grape, Orange and Strawberry and are available in 50gr.


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dee-dee Children’s Toothpaste 50g

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