dee-dee ® Children’s Tooth Brush

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General description :
dee-dee Children’s Tooth Brush is a toothbrush specially made for children.

Product Benefits :
dee-dee Children’s Tooth Brush / special toothbrush for kids was made in special way which fits to the oral cavity of children. Bristle brush from Dupont Tynex which is so gentle and does not damage the surface of the gums and smooth handle, so it is safe for children’s oral cavity. dee-dee Children’s Tooth Brush is packed in a tube / casing to keep it clean and make dental health more secure. Available in 4 colors : Orange, Red, Green, and Purple.


Q: How soft is the brush of dee-dee Children’s Tooth Brush?
A: It is made with high quality brush which is soft and yet strong enough for children’s teeth, mouth cavity and gum.

Q: What are the age range for dee-dee Children’s Tooth Brush usage ?
A: For children from  4-10 years old.


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dee-dee Children’s Tooth Brush

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