dee-dee ® Children’s Body Wash

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General description :
dee-dee Children’s Body Wash is a liquid soap devoted for children, because it has fresh fruits scents such as: Apple, Grape, Orange, Strawberry.

Product Benefits :
Shower gel with a refreshing fruit scents, a unique formula contain softeners and Vitamin C which provide skin protection so the children always look soft, smooth and healthy.

Usage :
Pour dee-dee Children’s Body Wash to hands and wipe the whole body (use a sponge / shower over the net for perfect results).


Q: What are the advantages of dee-dee Children’s Body Wash ?
A: dee-dee Children’s Body Wash is More gentle than other products because it is made with natural moisturizer and mild surfactant. Further more, the fragrances are well liked by children.

Q: Can it be used for babies as well ?
A: Yes, but it is better to use baby-dee Body Wash and Shampoo.

Q: How many variants and size ?
A: There are 4 variants, Apple, Grape, Orange, Strawberry and are available in 225ml bottle and 200ml refill pouch.


dee body wash Pouch copy_200x175 - 200ml
dee-dee Children’s Body Wash 200ml

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DD body wash copy copy3_200x175 - 250ml
dee-dee Children’s Body Wash 250ml

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