Cultivate Good Habits In Early Childhood

Most parents would certainly want their children to grow to become more intelligent and independent than them. Children can grow more independent and wise if assisted well by their parents from an early age.

There are various ways you can do to make the child become more independent as adult. The followings are the explanations:

1. Physical Approach and Emotional Control

Instilling good habits in early childhood is fundamental in bringing up children. Approach the child with tender loving care and gentle voice so that the child will behave with the same manner to other people.

When the child is doing a dangerous act, the parents have to intervene decisively and stop him/her from doing the act. Afterward the parents can explain and advise the child with tender voice. This way the child is trained to manage the emotion well.

2. Physical Punishment

Sometimes parents can be quite emotional when the child is not responding to the warning given to him/her. The usual resort is to use physical means, i.e. pinching, hitting or even canning, to compensate this emotion. Parents are strongly advised against the use of physical punishment as this may lead to imitated behavior instilled in the child.

If you’re forced to do it then you should immediately apologize and explain to him that the action is wrong. This makes him aware that there are rules which must be obeyed, not violated.

3. Discipline

Make rules of good practice for him and apply light sentences when the rules are broken. Make sure that when the rules are applied they do not make you (the parents) feel like an authoritarian.

When a child makes mistakes, do not scold the child continuously because it makes the child feel guilty to you and indirectly teach him/her to obey blindly to all the rules.

4. Behavior of Parents

Children are the great imitators of their parents and children have higher curiosity than adults. So do not behave badly in front of your child, you should avoid letting the child to watch violent or pornographic movies so that he /she is not exposed with bad things too early in life.

To fill daily activities, parents should let the child play with friends or family so that the child can be more aware and responsive to the outside world.

Well, these are tips for good habits that parents can instill to children so that they will grow to become considerate and independent adults. Instill healthy habits to children so that they are physically strong in the face of disease attack. Want to know more info and other tips? Check out other articles in dee-dee ®

  • Monday December 8th, 2014
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