Teach Children To Be More Interactive With Friends And Environment

Shyness is a feeling that is quite common in children. If your child feels shy or has a shy manner, you should encourage and motivate him/her to be more assertive and interactive with friends and the environment.

Children should interact and mingle with their peers in schools and neighbourhood . There are few ways
you can do to help the child overcome shyness and to be more sociable :

1. Allow The Child To Explore

Every child should be given the opportunity to explore a wide range of positive things to satisfy his/her curiosity. During the exploration, you should lead the child to explore and nurture his/her interest in arts and/or sciences. These activities are beneficial to good brain and character developments.

2. School

Schools are the best place to train children to mix and mingle with their peers. At schools, children also receive formal education which can sharpen their mind and intelligence.

Make sure you choose a quality schools starting from Kindergarten to Senior High School so that your child will be provided with a good learning environment and good supervision.

3. Invite Peers to Home

You should invite your child’s good friends and relatives to play at home when time permits so that your child’s shyness can be overcome more naturally.

Inviting peers to a birthday party is also another good way to improve the child’s interaction and hence improving the assertiveness.

4. Provide Positive Words

Positive words are significant in motivating your child to overcome his/her shyness.
In addition to positive words, the child should be encouraged to greet people assertively, especially to his/her friends and relatives.

5. Encourage The Child To Visit Friends And relatives

When you visit friends and relatives, bring along your child too. If the child is often exposed to new environments, he/she will learn and recognize the world around him/her with confidence. When confidence builds up, the shyness will diminish.

  • Wednesday August 6th, 2014
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