Top 5 Best Parentings To Bring Up A Smart and Responsible Child.

A child’s intelligence has a very large impact on his/her future. Therefore, Parents have a big task and responsibility to bring up and nurture the child so that he/she becomes a competent individual,useful and responsible citizen in the community and society.

Here are 5 ways to achieve the goal :

1. Inform Your Child About The World Events

Give your child the facilities and the opportunities to get to know the world and aspects of life. It makes him/her to have an open view on a variety of new things that have not been learned.

2. Be A Role Model To Your Child.

It is factual that children will usually imitate parents’ attitude and behaviors. Therefore, parents should try to be good role models for their children. Parents should always lead a healthy life styles, be positive in attitude and be creative.

3. Ask Questions To Your Child

Try to ask questions to your child and encourage him/her to response to questions. Parents can also involve the child in a discussion actively to develop the courage to raise opinions.

4. Keep The Child Healthy With Adequate Nutrition.

Sports or physical exercises keep the body healthy physically and mentally. If the body is healthy, the child may have ample opportunity to learn various things. Hence, intelligence builds up if he/she explores well. Do not forget to provide adequate nutrients in order to improve/maintain the health and learning concentration.

5. Let The Child Explore the Environment

Children are naturally curious and will learn new things if they are given opportunity to explore the nature and environment. Parents have the responsibility to create this opportunity to the children.

The above are 5 best parenting points to educate children so that they will become the next role models to their friends and next of kin in the future.

  • Friday September 19th, 2014
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