Go Green

A lot of countries including Indonesia are aggressively campaigning a healthy, green, and beautiful environment.

Environmentally friendly means it is not damaging to the environment, but maintaining and preserving the environment in which we and our children will continue to live

PT.JOENOES IKAMULYA has been very concerned with environmental issues and has a strong commitment to always seek to use raw materials that are environmentally friendly or biodegradable. The packagings are more toward the use of refill pouches which use less amount of plastic materials compared to bottles, so the environment will not be damaged with landfill.

We have started with products namely : Yurimatic (laundry liquid detergent) & Ligent (dishwashing liquid detergent). These two products are produced with environmentally friendly raw materials which are biodegradable and do not cause damage to the environment. Yurimatic and Ligent have been awarded with ‘GREEN LABEL’ certification from Singapore.

Our other environmentally friendly products are : Aganol (floor cleaner), Yuri Handsoap (liquid hand cleaner), Taf Kitchen Cleaner (kitchen cleaner), Yuri Bathroom Cleaner (bathroom cleaner), Biosoft (liquid detergent for fine fabric), Babysoft (softener for baby’s cloth), Yurisoft (softener and freshener for clothes), dee-dee Shampoo (children’s  shampoo), etc..