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Advantages of dee-dee ® Children’s Body Wash

dee-dee ® Children’s Body Wash is milder and more gentle than other similar products because it uses natural moisturizer and mild surfactants. It is available in 4 variants, Apple, Grape, Orange and Strawberry in 225ml bottle and 200ml refill pouch.

Brush in dee-dee ® children’s toothbrush

dee-dee ® Chidren’s Toothbrush is made with high quality brush which is fine and soft yet strong enough for children’s delicate teeth and gums.

Average of dee-dee ® product

All dee-dee ® products are available in 4 variants : strawberry, orange, grape, apple

Is dee-dee ® facial wash good for face?

dee-dee ® Children’s Facial Wash is good for people of all ages because it is made with fine and mild ingredients with added milk extract and vitamin C which are moisturizing and refreshing. It It is available in 3 variants, Grape, Orange and Strawberry in 50 and 100 gr plastic tubes.

Gender and range of age

dee-dee ® products are widely used by boys as well as girls, ranging from 4 to 10 years old.

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