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Shampoo for kids with long hair

dee-dee ® Shampoo For Long Hair i suitable for kids with long hair because it contains extra amount of moisturizer so that the hair will be smooth and easily combed after wash. It is recommended for use both genders of all ages. The shampoo is prepared in two variants, Rose and Green Tea in 200ml bottle with Pump.

Gender and range of age

dee-dee ® products are widely used by boys as well as girls, ranging from 4 to 10 years old.

Is dee-dee ® facial wash good for face?

dee-dee ® Children’s Facial Wash is good for people of all ages because it is made with fine and mild ingredients with added milk extract and vitamin C which are moisturizing and refreshing. It It is available in 3 variants, Grape, Orange and Strawberry in 50 and 100 gr plastic tubes.

Average of dee-dee ® product

All dee-dee ® products are available in 4 variants : strawberry, orange, grape, apple

Brush in dee-dee ® children’s toothbrush

dee-dee ® Chidren’s Toothbrush is made with high quality brush which is fine and soft yet strong enough for children’s delicate teeth and gums.

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